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Capricorn Spiritual Lessons for Life and the Month

This video helps you get a clear understanding of Capricorn through the use of music, meditation, astrological, psychological and mythological insights to help you see Capricorn evolve through three stages.

  1. The Personality Level — where Capricorn is is a Mountain Goat compensating for unhealed wounds through depression or selfish materialistic ambition.
  2. The Soul Level — where Capricorn (learning selflessness), becomes the Sea-Goat by learning to re-direct their ambitions towards helping others.
  3. The Spirit Level — where Capricorn becomes the Unicorn who in a practical and masterful way helps open the “eye” of others in order to build a new world order that is more inclusive, compassionate and universal, bringing a new Heaven to Earth.

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Upon completion of this video you are invited to get a Spiritual Astrology reading with the author, Dr. Lisa Love to help you see what you need to do to use the Capricorn energies more effectively, whether you are a Capricorn or not.

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