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Tarot 101

70 Students enrolled
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The 101 Tarot Course is an introductory program designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Tarot cards. This course is ideal for beginners who are interested in exploring the mystical world of Tarot and developing their skills in divination and self-reflection.

What includes 101 tarot course?

  • 10 videos (2.5 hours in total)
  • 1 workbook with exercises of every module
  • 1 tarot glossary
  • Session 1:1 with the tarot advisor

What will I learn?

Throughout the course, students will delve into the origins and history of Tarot, gaining insights into the symbolism and meaning behind each card. They will learn about the structure of a Tarot deck, including the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, and court cards.

Furthermore, students will explore the art of intuitive interpretation, honing their psychic abilities and developing a personal connection with the Tarot cards. They will learn how to trust their intuition and tap into the wisdom of the cards to gain deeper insights and guidance.

By the end of the 101 Tarot Course, students should have a solid foundation in Tarot reading and be able to conduct basic readings confidently. They will have a deeper understanding of the structure of the Tarot deck, feel more confident in the world of symbols, and be equipped with the tools to continue their Tarot journey on a more advanced level if desired.

1 review
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