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Healing a Broken Love Connection

Heal your broken love connection in a healthy way that avoids turning your desire to be back together into an obsessive and addictive attachment. This meditation will help you re-establish that connection in spiritual way increasing the odds taht when you do reconnect more love will exist than even before.

To aid the meditative process a video has been created with a series of images that will help you tap into the deeper emotions of what caused the break in the first place, and what will help it heal. The video includes images of couples of all kinds, but the meditation can used to help heal a broken connection of any kind — including those between friends, family members and more! The meditation can also be done with your eyes closed so that you don’t have to focus on the images, but can just visualizing you and your loved one.

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This meditation was done with care.

The inspiration for the meditation came out of working with thousands of people whose hearts have been broken and needed to be healed. That is what makes this meditation different from many found on the Internet because it comes from a deep understanding of what happens when our hearts break, and how to heal them in a truly loving and soulful way.

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