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Welcome friend. In my life I've been blessed to help hundreds of thousands of people through Keen, radio programs, my syndicated magazine columns, and as a CEO at one time of the 3rd largest spirituality site in the world, giving me world-wide reach. For over 30 years I have used my intuitive skills and spiritual insights to help people find and keep the love, success, wealth, and happiness they deserve.

I’ve been blessed to know many celebrities, some whose careers I helped launch through my radio programs. Some celebrities have even gone on spiritual retreats with me. Many wealthy people have also benefitted from my guidance, borrowing from what I learned doing my Ph.D. dissertation on Wealth and Spirituality, talking to wealthy people about how they combined their wealth with a spiritual practice to achieve ultimate happiness in their lives. Here on Keen, I am available to give you the benefit of all I have learned.

I am also the author of 12 books, my best-seller on the law of attraction (over 60,000 copies sold), one on love, another on managing emotions well, one on meditation, the spiritual use of money, and 6 so far on the spiritual evolution of the human race in the past, present, and future. At one point I was flying around the country speaking on TV and radio.

I am highly trained in understanding human relationships, and what takes place at the various stages of spiritual growth. I have numerous degrees including a: Master's in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling; Master's in Transpersonal Psychology; and a Master's in Spiritual Psychology. I also have a Ph.DE in Esoteric Philosophy (the deeper teachings under-lying the world's faith traditions) and completed another Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology (abd). In one of my degree programs I trained with researchers in the fields of psychic research, where my skills were scientifically tested for accuracy. I also walk my talk and am in a long-term loving relationship.

For some time I was an adviser on love and relationships for a very well-known dating site and even developed my own spiritual dating site that I later sold. That dating site is still in existence. Another one of my books (now out of print) was how to get through the frustrating process of dating so that you could eventually find real love.

Also, I have had four radio programs sharing my wisdom and interviewing many famous people in the spiritual and self-help fields. Two programs on the Internet, two through traditional broadcast.


As a child I had many mystical encounters. In my twenties for 2 years I did not work, doing spiritual practice only (meditating 4 hours a day every day). This led to a major spiritual awakening at age 28. Many of my degrees were undergone to help me understand that awakening, as well as to learn how to help others with theirs. Though I was raised Christian, I have studied in depth all the world's major faith traditions. That means I am Interfaith and consider LOVE to be my main religion. I also believe in prayer and teach meditation.


Once again I am transforming, involved in serious spiritual practices, doing deep meditation work, and writing more books -- all pulling me back from larger public view.

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