Spiritual Growth



Well, if you are on your spiritual awakening path then you are for sure moving deeper into the path of GROWTH through your spiritual upheavals.

One of the main things that gets ‘missed’ during a spiritual growth process is the education of alchemy, higher self, ethics & partnership energy.

It is very easy and very common to stay in the ‘lower’ energies of just the awakening which can lead to spiritual escapism & a constant spinning in circles of the energies.

You want to move from spiritual awakening to spiritual growth, that is where the magic is!

I have bundled Energy Alchemy, Celebrity Consciousness, Spiritual Ethics & Twin Flame to make it easier to visualize how important the ‘next level’ is of spiritual growth. These 4 courses are packed full of real time spiritual growth that will reinforce the spiritual growth within you.

Feel free to take the courses a la carte or through this bundle option. Either way, make sure you move to GROWTH after you solidify the AWAKENING.

I will see you inside the growth courses!

Shelby 🙂

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