Deluxe Bundle: Everything you need to learn to Honor the Ancestors

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* 28 Day Ancestor Challenge for Spiritual Empowerment
*Full color Printable Workbook Journal
*Five digital Journals
* Workshop: Spiritual Emporwement through working with the Ancestors
* Workshop: Fundamentals of Honoring Our Ancestors for Spiritual Empowerment
* Workshop: Communicating with the Ancestors through Divination
* Workshop: Manifesting Blessings with the Ancestors

Ancestral work is an integral part of my culture, and every time I’ve faced challenges in my life, my Ancestors have empowered me to overcome it all.

Whether I needed support and guidance with:

day-to-day concerns about love, career, or finances,
larger life struggles about my destiny and spiritual path,
or even systematic oppression and bigotry,
…my Ancestors have stood by my side.

When you build and deepen your relationship with your Ancestors, you build your power to create positive change for:

your family,
and your community.
Your Ancestors want you thriving: all you need to do is open yourself up to them.

So, do you want to:

* Continue deepening your work with your Ancestors to build inner confidence and strength?
* Understand how working with your Ancestors can empower you, your loved ones, and your community?
* Discover the multitude of methods to communicate with them and receive guidance?
If so, my Empowerment Through Honoring Ancestors course is right for you!

My Ancestors have taught me this…

Even at rock bottom, even when you feel the world stands against you, and even at your most lonely moments…your Ancestors are there to bring you strength.

That is what this bundle is all about.

And so, if you’re interested in discovering:
How Ancestral veneration has been part of almost every culture around the world, and why oppressors have always attacked people’s connections with their Ancestors;
Simple yet powerful ways to communicate with your Ancestors for advice, guidance, and answers;
Effective methods to work with your Ancestors to receive blessings for yourself, your loved ones and your community;
How to walk with your Ancestors to empower yourself…and everyone you love,
…this bundle, with its 4 exclusive and informative videos and helpful coursework, will bring you clarity and confidence in your Ancestral work.

As a trained curandero, I know firsthand that connecting with your Ancestors is critical and life-changing. I would love to see you benefit from this bundle—and learn to build a better world for your own descendants.

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