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Are you undergoing a spiritual awakening & you feel off course in your life as ‘things’ in your life seem to be spinning out of alignment to get into alignment?

A spiritual awakening is when our consciousness wants to reach a higher level of a broader view of the world. It is common to begin to question everything & be curious about a world that we never were really taught about growing up, the world of our deeper spiritual self.

Are you finding that you are experiencing a shift in your entire mental framework & you need help sorting out what is happening to you?

A spiritual awakening is usually brought on by a life changing event that can happen in an instant or sometimes the awakening is subtle and happens over a period of time.

It is important to become aware of changes around you that will help you solidify this new journey you are on of your higher consciousness. With that said, have you been noticing or feeling any of these ‘symptoms’ of awakening?

1. You feel detached or disconnected from society, relationships or life in general
2. You are questioning your belief systems
3. Your dreams are becoming more lucid & vivid
4. You are experiencing more synchronistic events
5. Your relationships are shifting or ‘blowing up’
6. You keep seeing the awakening sign of 1111
7. You feel more intuitive
8. You are being able to ‘read’ people & sense inauthenticity or manipulative behavior
9. You feel the need to be of service
10. Your teachers/mentors are showing up in your life
11. You want to be in nature
12. You feel more alone or isolated
13. You are becoming more sensitive
14. You feel more tired or have brain fog
15. You feel more empathy & compassion
16. Your view of the world is shifting
17. Your habits or routines are changing
18. You are more curious about the spirit world

These are just some examples or signs that you are undergoing a spiritual awakening which means your energy is shifting, your subconscious mind is shifting & your physical world is shifting.

All this shifting leads to an emotional turmoil that can sweep anyone, including you, into a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience which then spits you out on the other side of the awakening where you are hungry for knowledge of ‘what happened’ which then leads you on a quest to find out who you truly are and what spiritual gifts you possess. From there you begin the process of deep soul sessions or deeper level information to help put your lifestyle back together to where it fits this new energy of your awakening. All of this has to occur for a surrender stage to happen to where it is finally time to step into service.

None of us are ever ‘done’ with our ‘awakening’ because we awaken at different levels through our journey; however we can close out loops & prepare for next ones to be easier when its time for those loops to occur.

If you resonate with anything that is written here then I strongly encourage you to do the courses listed in this bundle. Whether you do them through the bundle or you do them a la carte is up to you; however these specific courses of Relationship Reset, The Carino Celebrities Movement, 5th Dimension, Psychic Energy & Mediumship are foundational courses to help assist your energy field & subconscious mind to fill in the ‘gaps’ or to ‘reinforce’ the energy of your awakening which makes it easier as you move through your next level loops.

Why are ALL these courses powerful?

Simple…it is exactly what happened in my awakening and the energies are in ‘real time.’

So, if you are ready for an energetic install to help build up your energy immunity so you can begin shifting the mental framework of your life, then dive into the courses, now.

I will see you inside of the awakening!

Shelby 🙂