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Workshop: The 3 Best Crystals to Work with to Protect Your Tarot Card Reading and Altar Space

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Crystals are a way to create a spiritually well-protected Tarot reading space easily. In this video learn how Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, and Obsidian can be used to keep out negative energy, ground your energy, and even help create a cloak of confidentiality.

You love crystals, and you love the Tarot. Yet you feel like either:

  • you want to work your magic to its (and your) full potential, but you need a little more guidance,
  • and/or you simply want to deepen your understanding of crystals or the Tarot but can’t find the right learning tools out there.

You just need a little guidance— someone who’s worked with crystals and the Tarot for decades. Someone who finds results every day with the combined power of the earth and the cards. And so my “Crystals and the Tarot” course is just for you.

As a Mexican curandero (traditional spiritual healer) I’ve always had a deep respect, love, and understanding of both crystals and the Tarot. However, I also knew

  • …there was much, much more to know about crystals and the Tarot that I hadn’t yet uncovered.
  • …while my magic worked well, I still hadn’t unlocked the full potential of both tools.
  • …I could strengthen and reinforce the wisdom my grandparents taught me about stones and the Tarot.

A few years ago, however, my ancestors dropped an epiphany on me: that the energies and messages from rocks and crystals could go hand in hand with the knowledge that Tarot provides. Basically…

  •  …I realized each Tarot card has corresponding crystals with similar energy patterns.
  •  …I understood that crystals and the Tarot are natural allies.
  • …I could combine crystals and the Tarot to supercharge my readings and healing power!

What will you learn inside the course?

Crystals hold powerful energy that can enhance our lives and our spiritual practice.

They can effortlessly tap into the energy of our tarot decks and help create a safe and welcoming environment for our readings.

By synergizing the energy of crystals and tarot cards, my students and I empower ourselves and our tools. We also develop insights on our cards we’ve never uncovered before.

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