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Workshop: Manifesting Prosperity in our Lives – Recorded Live

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Interested in a 1-on-1 session?

In this 30 min recorded Live workshop learn 5+ easy yet powerful workings you can do to manifest prosperity into your life by working with your Ancestors and the Universe.

When you build and deepen your relationship with your Ancestors, you build your power to create positive change for:

  • yourself,
  • your family,
  • and your community.

Your Ancestors want you to thrive: all you need to do is open yourself up to them.

Ancestral work is an integral part of my spiritual practice, and every time I’ve faced challenges in my life, my Ancestors have empowered me to overcome it all.

Whether I needed support and guidance with:

  • day-to-day concerns about love, career, or finances,
  • larger life struggles about my destiny and spiritual path,
  • or even systematic oppression and bigotry,

…my Ancestors have stood by my side.

What will you learn inside the course?

You will learn to:

  • Work with your Ancestors to build inner confidence and strength.
  • Understand how working with your Ancestors can empower you, your loved ones, and your community
  • Discover the multitude of methods to communicate with them and receive guidance.

I’m sure that if you made it till here, this workshop is right for you.

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