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Workshop: Communicating with the Ancestors through Divination

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Ancestral work is an integral part of my spiritual practice, and every time I’ve faced tough questions in my life, my Ancestors have helped provide answers.

Whether I needed guidance with:

  • day-to-day concerns about love, career, or finances,
  • larger life struggles about my destiny and spiritual path,
  • or even systematic oppression and bigotry,

…my Ancestors have provided answers.

Your Ancestors want you thriving: and are ready to provide direct guidance to you through easy communication.

So, do you want to discover the multitude of methods to communicate with them and receive guidance?

If so, Communicating with the Ancestors through Divination is the right workshop for you.

What will you learn inside the course?

In this workshop you will discover:

  • Simple yet powerful ways to communicate with your Ancestors for advice, guidance, and answers;
  • Explained in easy-to-understand everyday language
  • two different methods to use coins as a dicination tool
  • more than one method of using everyday playing cards to find answers
  • guidance on other divination tools you can study

… in this easy to understand workshop I will walk you step-by-step through easy-to-learn methods anyone can use to communicate with the Ancestors.

As a trained curandero, I know firsthand that connecting with your Ancestors is critical and life-changing. I would love to see you in begin to communicate directly with you Ancestors to build a better world for your own descendants.

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