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The Carino Celebrities Movement Course

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  1. Are your emotions out of control?
  2. Are you up one day then down the next?
  3. Are you feeling different in your body?
  4. Are you feeling like you are floating through space?
  5. Are you feeling disconnected from your life?
  6. Are you feeling more anxiety & panic?
  7. Are you seeking someone or something to make you feel loved?
  8. Are you walking through life feeling like it is a lie?
  9. Are you isolating yourself from friends & family?
  10. Are you being pulled into drama?

Welcome to the club, I have felt all those things too & it took me years to figure out why. Once I figured out why then I figured out the system to the process to alleviate the ‘yes’ answers to those questions and was able to turn them into ‘no’ answers instead. By doing so, I regained my empowerment & found true purpose in my life as well as true love in my life. Now let me ask you these questions…

  1. Do you feel like your life is your fault?
  2. Do you feel like you are the only one feeling trapped?
  3. Do you feel there is no way out of the dark hole?

Yep, I did too. Who knew that I would undergo what many call a ‘near death experience’ in order for me to see the light & the truth to a phenomenon that was never taught in school yet it completely overtook my life.

  1. If there was a process to overcome how you feel, would you want to know what it is?
  2. If there was a process that empowered your emotions to remain balanced, would you want to know what it is?
  3. If there was a process that could help you clean the slate of past decisions & feelings, would you want to know what it is?
  4. If there was a process that empowered you to connect to the highest source of love imaginable, would you want to know what it is?
  5. If there was a process that could help explain how you feel & why you feel the way you do, would you want to know what it is?

Only you know how you answered those questions; however I know for me, I wanted to know what all those things were & through my own personal journey I was finally able to figure it out. Now I have put my teaching skills & curriculum building into place in order to help YOU do it easier than I did.

What Is The Carino Celebrities Movement?

  • A Movement Of Self-Empowerment
  • A Movement Into Higher Frequency aka 5D
  • A Movement Into Your Authentic Self
  • A Movement To Override Old Belief Systems
  • A Movement To Transmute Generational Programming
  • A Movement To Step Into Your Divine Soul Purpose
  • A Movement To Reframe Your Life
  • A Movement To Experience Spiritual Energy Safely & Ethically
  • A Movement To Embrace Your Spiritual Authority
  • A Movement To Take Your Brain Back
  • A Movement To Find Your True Movement
  • A Movement To Be FREE Of Burdens
  • A Movement To Regain Innocence
  • A Movement To ‘Be’ A ‘New Way’
  • A Movement To Raise The Frequency Of Who You Are
  • A Movement To Influence Your Ecology Ethically
  • A Movement To Open Up Your Spiritual Gifts
  • A Movement To Tap Your Inner Celebrity
  • A Movement To Adapt To Life Being Healed Of Trauma
  • A Movement To Adapt Into Being Successful
  • A Movement To Create The Life You Want
  • A Movement To Create Better Structures For Future Generations
  • A Movement To Overcome Blame, Victim, Excuses & Self-Doubt
  • A Movement To Commit To Your Name
  • A Movement To Leave A Legacy Of Honor
  • A Movement Into The New Space Of Your Identity
  • A Movement To Create New Generational Lines Of Success
  • A Movement To Do The Process
  • A Movement To Trust The Process
  • A Movement To Work The Process
  • A Movement To Build A New Foundation Of You
  • A Movement To Shift At An Energetic Level
  • A Movement To Live A New Energetic Life

What will you learn in this course?

  1. You Will Learn Energy Is The New Brain
  2. You Will Learn That Money Is Energy Currency
  3. You Will Learn How Many Energy Mentors To Follow
  4. You Will Learn How To Be In An Energetic Relationship
  5. You Will Learn To Commit To Your Process
  6. You Will Learn How To Move Into Action
  7. You Will Learn How To Move Into Your Relationship With Self
  8. You Will Learn How To Move Your Energy Brain
  9. You Will Learn The Art of Process
  10. You Will Learn The Steps To Move Spiritual Energy
  11. You Will Learn My History Which Led To This Process
  12. You Will Learn Energetic Checklists
  13. You Will Learn How To Neutralize Drama
  14. You Will Learn Timeline Integration

Are all these above items worth it to your movement, to your peace of mind, to your sense of purpose, to your experiences moving forward? I hope so, because I know for me, had I never allowed myself to go through the processes I share with you in this course, I would not be sitting here today sharing the wisdom to the process.

For the empowerment of YOU, I truly hope I see you inside the course in order to begin working a process to free you from burdens of energy you never knew were so heavy, until you discovered them.

See you inside the course!

Shelby Carino
5D Teacher & Radio Show Host
‘Keep Your Spirits Flying High & Keep Living For Your Truth’

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Time To Learn A New Way

Let's Get Personal

Finish The Process

If you are lazy and you have no interest in moving energy then this is not the course for you. However, if you would like to change your state of 'lazy' and begin empowering yourself to move YOUR ENERGY then this is a great course to get you into the process while gaining some control over your life.
Then you are not ready for this course.
The homework is super simple. It requires a pen or pencil, paper & about 20 minutes a day for 32 days. If you follow the process your energy will do the rest. I tell you exactly what to do and how to do it; no brain activity or thought has to happen.
If you are on the fence about this specific course then look at my other courses and see if your energy is resonating with one of those right now. You may need to start 'there' and then when you work your way through the curriculum if you still have an 'objection' to the movement course then you need to evaluate what is it in your energy that is not wanting to move? At that point there is a block and you might need a session with me on Keen or just power up and jump into the course while getting disciplined to carry it through to the end.
Simple...because movement requires change & most people are scared to change. However, energy is always moving through you and you are always having a consequence, reaction or outcome to how that energy is moving. Wouldn't it be nice to know how to move that energy for the betterment of your life and what you want in your life?: The biggest hurdle to overcome is the reality that you are a powerful energy being who is deserving of 'being' empowered, calm and intentional with how you structure your life.


The Carino Celebrities Movement Course is a pivotal FOUNDATIONAL COURSE. What do I mean by that?

What I mean is that if you are in a position where you are ready to let go of the old way you have been doing life, energy work, hamster wheel thought patterns, outdated belief systems & spinning on the wheel of nowhere then this course will get you set up on a clear foundation with SELF so you can begin walking out an aligned process in your life of energy.

I have the course level set to Intermediate because it does require some work in order to get you to where you want to be. This is not a course if you want to stay airy fairy or stuck in the illusion of the spirit world. 

This is a course that is going to unite YOU with YOU through a subconscious piece of changework that will take 4 weeks to do. Once those 4 weeks are finished then you will begin to notice a significant change in how your ENERGY and your THOUGHTS are working in your world. 

If you go into this course with drive, determination and the desire to change then the course will work for you. 

If you go into the course with hesitation, wishy washy energy or a lack of ability to work then you will just waste your time and money.

The Carino Celebrities Movement Course is for those who are finally tired of being tired. For those who are done with the energy controlling their lives. For those who are done with the struggle of never getting ahead of what they want. For those who are sick of being sick. For those who finally want to empower their own selves.

This course is about self-accountability & if you are willing to be coached while participating in a life changing assignment then look no further. Jump right in & I will see you at the head of the pack!

Shelby :)


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Duration: 3 Hours
Lectures: 11
Level: Intermediate