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Spiritual Ethics

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  1. Do you have a negative connotation to the word law?
  2. Do you know what a Merkabah is?
  3. Is your ego creating uncomfortable confrontations in your world?
  4. Are you a know-it-all?
  5. Are you finding that you are triggered more easily in daily life?
  6. Is your life out of alignment & you need guidance on how to streamline your energy?
  7. Is your energy taking care of the people around you?
  8. How truthful are you to your spiritual experience?
  9. Are you truly aligned in your confidence of your identity?
  10. Do you begin activities with the end in mind?
  11. Do you have a hard time surrendering?
  12. Are you good at keeping secrets?
  13. Are you good at asking for permission?
  14. Do you have ethical boundaries?



What will you learn inside the course?

  1. You Will Learn The Difference Between Human Law & Spiritual Law
  2. You Will Learn What A Merkabah Is & How It Is Important To Your Awakening Journey
  3. You Will Learn How To Balance The Ego
  4. You Will Learn How To Balance Your Know It All Attitude
  5. You Will Learn How To Manage Triggers Ethically
  6. You Will Learn The Art Of Alignment
  7. You Will Learn The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Ecology Spiritually
  8. You Will Learn The Ins & Outs Of Spiritual Truth
  9. You Will Learn The Spiritual Truth Of Empowered Confidence
  10. You Will Learn Why It Is Important To Ethically Begin With The End In Mind
  11. You Will Learn The Importance Of Surrendering To The Energy So You Can Ethically Move Forward In Your Awakening
  12. You Will Learn Why It Is Important To Keep A Secret
  13. You Will Learn The Importance Of Asking For Permission
  14. You Will Learn How To Set Ethical Boundaries

If you are truly in a position to navigate & awaken your journey of your inner celebrity and you are requiring a more streamlined guidance approach,  then you are a prime receiver for the Spiritual Ethics course.

For the empowerment of YOU, I truly hope I see you inside the course in order to begin working a process to empower your energy into this new frequency of 5th dimension.

Shelby Carino

5D Speaker & Radio Show Host

‘Keep Your Spirits Flying High & Keep Living For Your Truth’

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Let's Begin

Ethics Never Trick Us

Ethics Are Your Friend

Ethics Guide You Home

Yes, there is always another way; however the universe is not always our 'friend' when we lose grip on reality as the energies come crashing in like waves. I learned a lot of things the 'hard way' and through those transmutations of energies & wisdoms my energy body along with my subconscious mind can share those energies congruently healed for you to receive to make your path easier. Learning the ethics decreases the learning curve & focuses on the outcomes even more. It all depends on if you want to fly solo and learn as you go or if you would like to have it easier along the way. The choice is always yours.
The best way to do this course is to play the videos and allow the energies through my words to seep into your subconscious and your energy body. You WANT to feel confused, loopy or even forgetful while listening. Why? Because that means the energies that are being given are being received at a deeper layer of yourself. You want the energies to go beyond your mental mind and enter the subconscious mind. When it gets into your subconscious then the energy will begin to reframe itself through your experiences. If you feel you just have to take notes and 'learn' the information first, then by all means do your process.
Many people overlook the ethics because of many reasons. One, it may be boring. Two, it may be unnecessary in their belief system. Three, it may be something they think they already know. However, without ethics there is always a higher cost in the clean up of how our energy operates. Once a higher price is put on ethics then it saves a lot of time, money & clean up work in the long run. Ethics is invaluable when maneuvering through energetic awakenings on a deep spiritual level. As the energies of 5th dimension come in quicker, harder & more abrasive then you want to have the ethics installed in your energies as easily as possible unless you just like the drama of taking hits from the Universe.
No, this is a course that keeps on giving so feel free to utilize the information at every step of your journey! You can never get enough ethics installed into your energy field! Listening to the videos at night before bed is a good idea, the information will drop right into the subconscious.


This course is the most important course out of all the Spiritual School Curriculum that I teach. Why is that? Because Spiritual Ethics will CALM YOUR LIFE in ways that you may never have a conscious understanding of until you see the blow ups in other people's lives or the near misses you have in your own life.

Ethics is the foundational groundwork to all of the other spiritual processes you awaken to and harness. Without the ethics you are a walking time bomb waiting to go off & if someone else is running a higher ethical value and standard than you, then guess who gets the kickback or the hit? Exactly, you do.

It is a common misunderstanding that in spiritual ascension we are to 'only' get 'high' in the energy and 'channel' things; however it goes way beyond that because all that extra source of energy and power filters right through YOUR subconscious mind, YOUR energy body and YOUR physical body. Trust me, you want to make sure you are packed full of the ethical energies so your 'hits' become less traumatic, less dramatic and less expensive.

5th dimension energy is relentless and the energy always wins especially if it is ungrounded, unruly and untamed. Get the ethics in your energy body, it is a game changer!

The Spiritual Ethics course is ALL video footage that will give you the auditory installs of what your energy needs. There is no homework in this course, your homework comes later to see how well your energy receives the learnings. Get ahead of your curve!

Shelby :)

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