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Relationship Reset – What Your Mother Never Taught You, Until Now

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Relationship Reset is a groundbreaking course that will take your energy to a base level foundation so you can learn ‘what your mother never taught you, until now’ so your next steps in a relationship with yourself or others can fully flourish.

To find out if this course is for you then internally answer the questions below…

  1. Are you lost in your relationship?
  2. Is your relationship in a constant state of back & forth with no traction to move forward?
  3. Are you single & you keep wondering why you can’t land the perfect relationship for you?
  4. Do you keep getting ghosted?
  5. Are you mentally drained from trying to figure out why the relationship is unfulfilled?
  6. Are you the only one trying to work on the relationship?
  7. Have you given up & settled for how the relationship is right now?
  8. Is your heart aching in pain because you never thought this would happen to you?
  9. Have you lost all hope?
  10. Do you feel this course is the last ditch effort to provide you some insight into how you can move forward?

I get where you are. I have been there too & it is never a place that feels good to our heart or our soul. We get to a place where we feel like a complete failure in our lives because we can’t simply do what seems so easy for other people which is to have a successful relationship or even get into a relationship with a hope of it being successful, right?

However, how many people are actually TRULY happy in their relationships? How many people just fake their way through it and ‘act’ like it is all ok? I will tell you how many. A LOT! Yes, A LOT of people are in unsuccessful, stagnant, hopeless & unfulfilled relationships and they stay stuck because it is a pattern they know how to live in. Isn’t that sad? What if you could change the pattern? Would you leave? Would you work on the relationship? Would you do your best to exhaust all information to earn your way out of the old pattern and into the new pattern? I would, I did & you can too!

Now, are you single? Are you on the opposite end of the spectrum where you cannot seem to manifest anyone in your life to even consider dating? How about this…do you keep attracting the same type of person into your world & you are sick and tired of never trading up in value of what you truly want? Yep, I get where you are because I too was stuck in that constant hamster wheel of attracting another person in to where it seemed like a better fit and yet it was actually just another wolf in sheep clothing. The nightmare kept continuing until finally I gave up and said, “Ok Shelby what is wrong with ME?” When I finally got that perspective, my life began leading me to the answers.

What will you learn in this course?

I hope this course is the begininng to your answered prayers which lead you to your answers. I could only put it together because I have been where you are & trust me, you can get out of where you are in order to move up.


Topics Covered In The Course

  1. The #1 Secret To Successful Relationships
  2. What The RIGHT Relationship Will Do For You
  3. WHY You MUST Be Obedient To The Relationship Process
  4. How Committed Are You?
  5. Lead Yourself To Lead The Relationship
  6. Relationships Are Tiring, Pace Yourself
  7. What To Do Next
  8. Forget Everything You Know
  9. What Is A Relationship?
  10. Why Do Relationships Fail?
  11. How Do I Have A Spiritual Relationship?
  12. The Difference Between 3D & 5D Relationships
  13. It’s Now or Never
  14. Let Go Of Control
  15. Learn To Let Go Of Judgment
  16. Release Expectations Of Time
  17. Let Go Of Anger & Rage
  18. Learn A New Way
  19. Bring In God

What Will Your Receive Inside This Course?

  1. Hope
  2. Security
  3. A Plan
  4. Information You Were Never Taught
  5. Perspective
  6. A Life Vest
  7. Empowerment
  8. The #1 Secret To Success In A Relationship (It Will Blow Your Mind)
  9. The Beginning of Magic
  10. Tools
  11. Clarity
  12. A Mentor
  13. Re-ignition To Move Forward
  14. A Change To Begin Again
  15. A Commitment If You Choose To Act

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Let's Begin!

Relationship Reset 2.0

Relationship Reset 3.0

No, absolutely not! All you have to do is play the video or audio messages and allow the ENERGY to move through your subconscious mind and your energy will do the rest.
Absolutely yes! I have students who will turn on the course before they fall asleep and allow it to run through the night & it's a great way to get the information into your subconscious mind and energy body.
Yes, it is very common to 'zone out' or 'doze off' while listening to the videos. This is a great sign that your energy body is relaxing and taking in the information on an energetic level.
Simple, because it is an energy course designed to get your energy the information. If you mentally learn something that is a bonus; however it's all about the energy body leading the charge now.
This course is timeless and should be utilized anytime your energy body feels it needs another round of this information. Each time you listen to a video you will receive another layer of input based upon what your energetically shifting or harmonizing at the time.


Welcome onboard to Relationship Reset!

Remember to follow your intution and allow yourself to be guided while being upgraded in your energy body.

This course is designed to 'mesmerize' the aspects of energies that the subconscious mind is craving in order for it to ascend higher into 5th dimension. Be sure to read the FAQ's so you can get a new insight as to why this course is different than any other course you may take.

I will see you inside the course!

Shelby :)

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