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Pisces — Spiritual Lessons for Life and the Month

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Make the most of the month of Pisces and the Full Moon cycle by exploring what Pisces energies are like at:

  1. The Personality Level — where Pisces copes with changes taking place in life in a variety of negative ways.
  2. The Soul Level — where Pisces becomes the Servant seeking to heal and redeem what has been fragmented off or left behind in one’s psyche and in the world.
  3. The Spirit Level — where Pisces becomes the Savior finding ways to salvage what is useful from the past, recycling and remolding it so it can be of positive use in the future.

What will you learn inside this course?

As you learn about the spiritual evolution you will discover ways to work with the energies to help progress your own life if you are a Pisces.

AND, you will discover how to work these energies in a more spiritual way during the month of Pisces, especially at the time of the Full Moon.

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Pisces Spiritual Lessons

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