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Healing Your Chakras

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“Healing Your Chakras & Body” course
Created by a certified Reiki master and teacher, passionate and amateur in one.

Why passionate? Because esotericism and chakras have been my passion for as long as I can remember.
Why an amateur? Because I believe that there is no single level at which you can quit learning and stop with your knowledge. One must always develop until the last days on this planet, in this body.

This course is aimed at people who would like to know their inner spiritual strength. Stimulate it to life and make it bloom in the body like a flower and make each subsequent day easier, more beautiful, and more colorful.
Working with chakras has many advantages not only in the physical but also in the spiritual field. The human body, like any other body, has its own field, and we have the opportunity to heal and repair it, you just need to know how to do it.
I show and explain how to look inside yourself step by step and stimulate energy to act. Also how to analyze energy traces and ultimately how to heal.

Why seven lessons?
Because we have seven chakras and I think this is enough lessons to get you the basics, just the basics. This is a very basic level course for people who have not had any experience with esotericism before and I care not to give too much material to work on at once.

1. Do I need knowledge and experience to join the course?
No. The course is intended for people who just want to start their adventure with Reiki energy and chakras.
2. Is the course developed by a professional person?
Yes. I am a certified teacher and master of Usui Reiki and a teacher of Polish and English, so I have experience in teaching and esoterics :)
3. What will I learn during the course and what will I be able to do after the end of the course?
You will learn to work with Reiki energy and chakras. You will learn from scratch what you should know about healing techniques, esoteric principles of health and safety and all the pros and cons of knowing Reiki.
4. Do I have to pass previous courses to be able to participate in this?
No. This one is the first and is built on a beginner level, so you will need to complete this course to pass the next ones.
1 review
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