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Candle Magick For Beginners

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We get questions ALL THE TIME about how to properly use candles in ritual, divination, and magic!
In this class High Priest, Aeson Knight will teach you various methods of how to anoint, carve, burn, and interpret candles for magickal purposes.

What will you learn in this course?

Why and How to Practice Candle Magic?
Candle magic harnesses the power of fire—the element of transformation—to bring change.
Think for a moment about how fire transforms things. It melts wax. It renders many organic materials (leaves, wood, flesh, and bone) to ash. It softens hard metals and makes them malleable for forging. It can heat substances, turning them from liquid to gas (water to steam, for example).
If you mix ingredients together and put them into the fire, it can transform your batter into cake or your dough into bread. It brings light to the darkness and warmth to the cold.
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