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Aries: Spiritual Lessons for Life and the Month

Want help learning how to mature Aries energy in yourself or someone you know? This video will help you. It will also allow you to make the most of the month of Aries and the Full Moon cycle by exploring what how Aries energies express themselves depending on your level of spiritual understanding and evolution.

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This video helps you get a clear understanding of Aries through the use of music, meditation, astrological, psychological and mythological insights to help you see Aries evolve through three stages.

  1. The Personality Level — where Aries fights to get needs and desires met without considering others.
  2. The Soul Level — where Aries learns to get along with others in a more Soulful way, helping to inspire others instead of using force.
  3. The Spirit Level — where Aries is so effective at inspiring others, they are able to get numerous groups of people to go along with their ideas.

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Aries Spiritual Lessons

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