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Aquarius Spiritual Lessons for Life and the Month

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This video helps you get a clear understanding of Aquarius through the use of music, meditation, astrological, psychological and mythological insights to help you see Aquarius evolve through three stages.

  1. The Personality Level — where Aquarius is the Rebel trying to create change in disruptive ways.
  2. The Soul Level — where Aquarius becomes the Innovator making changes for the betterment of all in more constructive, inclusive and soulful ways.
  3. The Spirit Level — where Aquairus becomes the Visionary showing people how to clean up our world so that the innovations Aquarius produces bring about equality and opportunity to everyone.

What will you learn inside this course?

Upon completion of this video you are invited to get a Spiritual Astrology reading with the author, Dr. Lisa Love to help you see what you need to do to use the Aquarian energies more effectively, whether you are an Aquarius or not.

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