Wise Spirit

Wise Spirit 5.0 Specialties Breakups/Divorce Commitment-phobia Family/Friends Infidelity Love/Relationships Skills & Methods Aura Cleansing Clairvoyant Empath Pendulum Reiki Interested in a 1-on-1 session? There are times in our lives when we need some extra guidance, clarity & direction. Unfortunately, life doesn't always provide us with the answers we need in black & white. At times [...]

Dr Lisa Love

Ph.D. Psychic/Psychologist. Master's in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling; Master's in Transpersonal Psychology; and a Master's in Spiritual Psychology. Ph.DE in Esoteric Philosophy and Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology
Dr Lisa Love 4.9 Specialties Breakups/Divorce Career/Work Commitment-phobia Destiny/Life Path Love/Relationships Skills & Methods Clairaudient Clairsentient Clairvoyant Dream Interpretation Empath Interested in a 1-on-1 session? Ph.D. Psychic/Psychologist. Formerly syndicated on radio/TV.  Author of Beyond the Secret (on LOA) and 12 more books. I am highly trained in understanding human relationships, and what takes place at [...]

Denise Coates

Certified Oneness Blessing Giver
Denise Coates 4.9 Specialties Breakups/Divorce Career/Work Destiny/Life Path Love/Relationships Money/Prosperity Skills & Methods Chakra Cleansing Clairaudient Clairsentient Clairvoyant Empath Interested in a 1-on-1 session? Hello! My name is Denise and I am a certified master psychic who trained at the Washington Psychic Institute for seven years as a clairvoyant. I am also the author of [...]


Dalenay 4.9 Specialties Breakups/Divorce Career/Work Destiny/Life Path Infidelity Love/Relationships Skills & Methods Affirmations Aura Cleansing Clairsentient Reiki Tarot Interested in a 1-on-1 session? I am an eclectic mix of education and psychic experiences. I have a degree in Arts and Sciences, working not only in the medical field for 20 years but currently as a [...]

Miguel Cares

Holistic Practitioner
Miguel Cares 5.0 Specialties Breakups/Divorce Commitment-phobia Infidelity Love/Relationships LGBTQ Skills & Methods Clairsentient Clairvoyant Tarot Empath Dream Exploration Interested in a 1-on-1 session? Many times we neglect our own self care because we are caring for others. It is a good and holy instinct to want to care for others, and those who depend on [...]

Hope Angel 2004

Hope Angel2004 4.8 Specialties Love/Relationships Commitment-phobia Infidelity Family/Friends Work/Career Skills & Methods Clairvoyant Tarot Empath Interested in a 1-on-1 session? I have been gifted since I was a young girl. My grandmother was my mentor and someone who was also gifted to help people I have spent the last 30 years providing insight and guidance [...]